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Champagne Brunch

Bubbles Brunch Recipes

Brunch is my favorite meal of the day! The idea of getting together with friends and family, sun shining, champagne flowing....ahh, it's all so magical to me! I also love it because it is  completely appropriate to start popping bubbles early! Since my obsession with food is equal to my obsession of bubbles, I thought I'd share some of my favorite bubble-friendly recipes that are perfect for Brunch. When I entertain, I always make sure there is something for everyone: the vegetarian guest, the gluten-free guest, the kids and of course the foodie! This menu checks every box!
deviled eggs, easter brunch menu recipe ideas from we drink bubbles
First up is my Truffled Deviled Eggs. For me, this is a mandatory appetizer. These have a little twist to them. Easy to prepare and can be made in advance. Even my daughter who is not a fan of deviled eggs or truffle is a fan of these guys! And this one will impress your foodie friends as well! Recipe Link: TRUFFLED DEVILED EGGS RECIPE
vegetarian quiche, easter brunch menu recipe ideas from we drink bubbles
This Mushroom and Spinach Quiche is my go-to favorite brunch recipe and I love it because, again, you can prep most of it in advance when you are entertaining. It's also is a substantial entree for your vegetarian guests as well! It's decadent, decently healthy and pairs beautifully with a glass of champagne! It is honestly a great meal on its own, but perfect in this Easter spread I have planned! Recipe Link: MUSHROOM SPINACH QUICHE RECIPE  
poached eggs with hollandaise and smoked salmon on crispy hash browns
This is my spin on Eggs Benedict. It's a little different because instead of ham, I do smoked salmon and instead of English Muffins, I serve it on crispy hash browns. It's perfect for the gluten-free guest as well! It's not as involved as you might think. You can poach the eggs and make the hollandaise ahead of time and just keep them warm, and I use the grated frozen potatoes for hash browns so it takes a little prep time out. I like to serve it with some lightly dressed mixed greens and caper berries to cut the richness. Recipe Link: SALMON BENEDICT ON CRISPY HASH BROWNS RECIPE
buttermilk pancakes with berries
And for the kids (and kids at heart), I always go with simple, yet delicious buttermilk pancakes. They're light and spongy and with some berries feel a little more healthy. Even though pancakes are best made-to-order, I find that at every brunch gathering I have there is at least one guest who is asking to help with something, otherwise they just can't seem to enjoy the party. Put them on pancake duty! Serve these with sliced mixed berries, real maple syrup and maybe some freshly whipped cream if you're feeling ambitious! Recipe Link: BUTTERMILK PANCAKES RECIPE
alexandrie rose
Lastly, what brunch is complete without some delicious bubbly!?! This gorgeous bottle comes from the boutique winery of Alexandrie Cellars in Napa Valley (a place near and dear to my heart). This sparkling rosé over delivers on taste, finesse, quality and style. Pop a few in a big ice bucket for your friends and family to enjoy and I promise the party will not suck! Cheers!
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