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Truffled Deviled Eggs

Truffled Deviled Eggs Recipe






2 tablespoons mayonnaise

2 tablespoons crème fraiche

2 tablespoons truffle sauce (or salsa tartufata)

1 dozen hard-boiled eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Fresh dill sprigs and dried paprika for garnish


1. Halve the eggs lengthwise and transfer the yolks to a mixing bowl. Set 20 egg white halves on a platter, cover, and refrigerate. This recipe uses 12 egg yolks, but only yields enough filling for 20 halves; reserve the extra 4 whites for another use.

2. With a fork, mash the yolks to a smooth consistency. Add the mayonnaise, crème fraiche, and truffle sauce, and mix until smooth. (You can also do this using an electric mixer with a whip attachment.) Taste and season accordingly with salt and pepper.

3. Spoon the mixture into a sandwich bag and cut one corer to act as a piping bag, then pipe the mixture evenly into the egg white halves.

4. Top each egg half with a tiny sprinkle of paprika and dill sprig.

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