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In August of 2016, my family of 4 packed up and moved to the tiny town of Montone, Italy to escape the rat race of San Diego.  Though I knew this experience would forever change us, I could never have imagined how much. After a few short weeks living abroad, two things were immediately apparent. First, the European’s fervor and excitement to live in the moment. And second, the surprising abundance of incredible yet inexpensive champagnes and sparkling wines. After soaking up this live in the moment lifestyle and being spoiled with heaps of quality bubbles, I knew there was no going back.
After returning home to Encinitas, CA I found myself in somewhat of a predicament. The bubbles available to us here are essentially all over-priced, mass-produced, label driven champagnes and sparkling wines . . . and I had to do something about it.

That’s where We Drink Bubbles came in. I quickly put my teaching career on hold to follow my new found dream of sourcing all rare and boutiques sparkling wines and champagnes from around the world, for me as well as all the other bubble lovers out there.  The idea behind the Bubbles Club is to bring better bubbles to your doorstep when you want them, as often as you want them. In addition, creating a community of bubble obsessed friends who I can drink with, share my passions, and enjoy life together with.

The company’s motto is “Life’s Worth Celebrating” and better said “We’re Worth Celebrating.”  So if we want to have a glass (or bottle) of bubbles on a Tuesday afternoon then we should, Lord knows I do. So join me on the exciting adventure in discovering these new and incredible bubbles.

Cheers,  Shiloh

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