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What is Brut Nature Champagne?

What is Brut Nature Champagne?

What is Brut Nature Champagne?

When it comes to sparkling wines, Brut Nature is the epitome of a "no-frills" and dry style bottle of bubbles. Also known as Zero Dosage, Brut Zero, or Non-Dosé, Brut Nature refers to the driest style of sparkling wine, with a dosage addition ranging from 0 to 3g/l.

In the production of traditional method sparkling wine, a mixture of sugar and wine is added to the bottle after disgorgement to achieve the desired level of sweetness. However, Brut Nature does not undergo this process, resulting in a wine that relies solely on its residual sugar, the natural sugar remaining after fermentation, for its sweetness (see more on dosage here).

The lack of added sugar makes Brut Nature champagne the driest option available, perfect for those who prefer a more pronounced dryness in their bubbles.

Discover the Flavor of Brut Nature

The absence of dosage in Brut Nature allows the wine's acidity to shine through, resulting in a crisp and bone-dry taste that truly reflects the terroir in which the grapes were grown. It offers a refreshing mouthful with high acidity and minimal sweetness, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a clean and vibrant flavor profile.

Perfect Pairings for Brut Nature

Brut Nature pairs exceptionally well with a variety of dishes. Its high acidity and dryness make it an ideal companion for grilled or pan-fried fish, shellfish (especially oysters), poultry, and even foie gras. For dishes with a hint of sweetness, opting for an Extra-Brut champagne will help balance and enhance the flavors.

Unique Features of Brut Nature

Brut Nature champagnes have gained popularity not only for their dryness but also for their suitability for certain dietary preferences. They are favored by those following keto or paleo diets due to their low-carb, low-sugar, and low-calorie nature. With around 90 calories per glass and only 0.15 carbs, Brut Nature offers a guilt-free enjoyment of sparkling wine.

Furthermore, Brut Nature champagnes often boast grapes sourced from vineyards that produce ripe and robust fruit. With minimal additives, these bottles allow the purity and character of the grapes to take center stage, resulting in a truly special and authentic experience.

Indulge in the simplicity and sophistication of Brut Nature champagne, a sparkling wine that embodies elegance, dryness, and purity.


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