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What is Brut Nature Champagne?

What is Brut Nature Champagne?

Brut Nature: The perfect sparkling wine for those who enjoy a “no-frills,” more dry style bottle of bubbles. “Brut Nature” (also called Zero Dosage, Brut Zero, or Non-Dosé) is the term used to indicate the driest style of sparkling wine, with a sugar content between 0 and 3g/l. 
When a traditional method of sparkling wine is produced, it is often given a dosage (a mixture of sugar and wine) after disgorgement (the freezing and removal of yeast within the bottle) to achieve the desired sweetness level. However, more sugar isn’t added to Brut Nature, so its sweetness comes from the residual sugar that remains in the wine after the alcoholic fermentation is completed. 
This makes Brut Nature the driest bubbles you can get!

What does Brut Nature Taste Like?
We know that dosage is used to achieve the desired sweetness of bubbles, but it also balances out acidity. So you can expect very crisp and bone-dry bubbles that really express the terroir in which the wine is produced. 

What Foods Pair Well with Brut Nature?
Brut Nature pairs well with fish (whether grilled or pan-fried), shellfish (especially oysters), poultry, and foie gras. If your dish has a little sweetness to it, it’s best to reach for an Extra-Brut to really round out the flavors.
Click here for more information about the sweetness levels of sparkling wine!

What Makes these Bubbles So Special?
Well for one, Brut Nature style bubbles fit into the keto/paleo diet because they are low-carb, low-sugar, and low-calorie. A typical glass contains around 90 calories and only 0.15 carbs. Additionally, because there is no additional sugar to hide behind, these bottles typically contain grapes from vineyards that have produced ripe, robust fruit and contain little to no additives as to let the purity of the fruit shine. Shop our Brut Nature bubbles HERE.
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