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Thanksgiving Bubbles Pairing Guide

Thanksgiving Bubbles Pairing Guide

Thanksgiving is historically a long, rewarding, and (sometimes) exhausting day. With all the planning, prepping, and decorating, taking the time to select the perfect wines can often be an afterthought. Undoubtedly a crucial addition to your holiday feast, picking the perfect bottles shouldn’t be a stressful experience. 

There are no hard-and-fast rules for the best Thanksgiving wine pairings. People will gravitate toward what they enjoy drinking, so it is always a good idea to have multiple red, white, and sparkling bottles on hand. But, as a general rule, lighter, livelier, and lower-alcohol wines go better with the traditional Thanksgiving feast than heavier, more complicated ones. (This strategy will also help keep you awake!) And for this reason, we’re focusing on our favorite beverage of choice - bubbles!

Nothing says "special occasion" quite like bubbles. A drink well-known for celebrating, bringing people together, and merriment- I always like to welcome my guests with a glass to sip while we catch up and enjoy a beautiful charcuterie board. A sparkling Brut Rosé or our November shipment Brut Nature pair phenomenally with goat cheese and baked brie! 

But, you don't have to stop the sparkle-party with appetizers. Champagne and other sparkling wines pair effortlessly with most dishes on the table due to their high acidity (giving that crisp, mouthwatering feeling) and delectable bubbles, making them the perfect palate cleanser between bites. 

You really can’t go wrong with a good sparkling wine pairing, but here are our more specific options:

  • SPARKLING ROSÉ Pairs best with red meat, charcuterie, crab cakes, red fruit desserts, and chocolate
  • BRUT NATURE Pairs best with oysters, caviar, and light appetizers
  • VINTAGE CHAMPAGNE Pairs best with fried chicken, truffle, mushrooms, french fries, and custard desserts
  • BLANC DE BLANCS Pairs best with soft cheese, shellfish, and macaroni and cheese
  • BLANC DE NOIRS Pairs best with roasted turkey, ham, aged cheese, and fruit pies.

Are you thirsty yet?? You can shop our bottles here. Or if you’re looking to take all the effort out of selecting bottles, shoot us a message and we will work with you to stock your fridge full of bubbles that are sure to be the hit of the party!

For more tips and tricks for serving Champagne and sparkling wine, click here to download our Bubbles 101 PDF!


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