Confession: I’m very much obsessed with Aperol Spritz’s, especially in warmer months. Looking through my photo album confirms this fact to be true. Even though I am a bubbles purist, I do appreciate the occasional spritz as an aperitif. When I have a half-drunk bottle of sparkling wine leftover in my fridge, I almost always throw this concoction together! My own tried and true recipe below... 


aperol spritzAperol Spritz Recipe

4 oz sparkling wine
1.5 oz Aperol
1 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
Crushed ice & an orange slice for garnish.
In a large goblet style glass, pour the sparkling wine, Aperol and orange juice. Give it a stir. Add crushed ice. Top with a slice of orange and enjoy!


Another tip, if you're out at a bar or restaurant where the wine selection is meh and the cocktails look iffy, an Aperol Spritz is always a good choice. Traditionally, restaurants will serve the spritz cut with a little sparkling water, so I always ask my bar tender to leave out the bubbly water and top up with all sparkling wine!   

aperol spritz


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