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why our bubbles are better

Why Our Bubbles Are Simply Better

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Every We Drink Bubbles bottle of grower champagne and sparkling wine that is carefully selected is hand-crafted and clean-farmed, giving you an undeniable quality and premium taste. All the fun without the headache!

What Does "Grower" Champagne and Sparkling Wine mean?

The term "grower" refers to wines that are produced from estate-grown grapes that are both farmed and harvested by the producer. These wines showcase specific varietals, soils, and microclimates to express a very unique terroir. These wines are typically organically and biodynamically farmed, with little-to-no additives, as the focus is to let the fruit be the star of the show. In both the vineyard and winery, the producer meticulously monitors the quality from start to finish.


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What about mass-produced bubbles?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the mass-produced bubbles and big house labels (I am sure you are familiar with a few of these bottles) that produce wine in bulk from grapes that are sourced from outside vineyards and do not belong to the producer.

A single mass-produced bottle can include grapes from hundreds of different vineyards, farmed by hundreds of different farmers. Quality control in the vineyard is virtually impossible as the producers have no control over the farming techniques or methods being used. These wines are often farmed with pesticides or synthetic materials, and it is more common to find additives in these wines to keep a consistent flavor profile of the product.

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