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Big News: We're Importing!!!

Big News: We're Importing!!!

I honestly couldn’t be more excited about this next big step for We Drink Bubbles! After months of getting our ducks in a row with legalities, paperwork and licensing, I am so excited to announce that we have started our own import business! It has been a dream of mine since the birth of this company to be able to bring in our own champagnes and sparkling wines from around the world and we are finally able to realize this dream and begin curating our very own private selection from boutique, family-run wineries.

What does this mean for our Bubbles Club Members?

In simplest form, we will be able to grow our inventory to offer more exclusive and rare champagnes and sparkling wines, ones that until now have never entered the country, offering exceptional quality and even more perks and benefits for our members!

How is this different from what you have been doing?


Even though we have always selected only the highest quality champagnes and sparkling wines for our club shipments, we have been limited to an extent on what is available based on inventory and selections made by larger umbrella import companies.  But now we will have an even greater ability to bring wines (which were previously not available in the US) right to your doorstep. Our bubbles selection will be increasingly more exclusive, not to mention you will get personal behind the scenes stories with the winemakers themselves as I journey around the world seeking out the highest quality wines. I am so excited to bring you along with me!

What does the future of We Drink Bubbles look like?

With this new facet of the company, we hope to expand what we offer to our Bubbles Club Members in many ways. As our collection of champagne and sparkling wine offerings grow, we will continually share our new and notable wine discoveries with you. We hope to build upon your knowledge and grow your appreciation of the untapped world of sparkling wines and champagnes. In the coming years, we plan to organize champagne tours and tasting trips, exclusive club dinners and "meet the wine maker" evenings that will be offered exclusively to our members. Our dream is to enhance the lives of our Bubbles-Loving community through the experiences we share together.  So raise your glass with us as we embark on this new and exciting journey together!  Cheers~ Shiloh


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