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Getting Married? The Best Bubbly For Every Occasion

Getting Married? The Best Bubbly For Every Occasion

From engagements to anniversaries and everything in between, there is always a reason to celebrate with Champagne! With so many types available on the market today, it can be hard to decide which bottle is right for each occasion – but don’t worry! We Drink Bubbles specializes in rare grower Champagnes from Champagne, France that are perfect for every celebration. Shop our selection today to find your favorite bubbly just in time for your next special occasion!

For an engagement, try something fun and pink—the color of love! That’s why rosé Champagne is a great option. Rosé Champagnes are made with a blend of red and white grapes, giving them a unique flavor that pairs well with food. Plus, they look beautiful in photos!

Wedding Day
Your wedding day deserves something extraordinary. Only the best of the best Champagne houses can make a Special Club bottle and are only allowed to do so in years of optimal growing conditions. After that, these wines are still subject to two rounds of blind tastings before they are approved and given the prestigious title of "Special Club." These wines truly earn their name. Their exquisite taste will make your wedding even more memorable.

For anniversaries or other special occasions, consider saving a vintage bottle. Vintage Champagnes age well over time and can provide an interesting comparison between different vintages (years). They also tend to have more complex flavors than non-vintage bottles due to their extended aging process.

Where To Find The Best Champagne?

We Drink Bubbles specializes in rare, boutique grower Champagnes from Champagne, France. These farmer’s-market-style bubbles have amazing flavor profiles that you can both taste and feel. All the fun without the headache! We curate our selections carefully so you can find the perfect bottle for any occasion – no matter how big or small. Shop our selection today to find your favorite bubbly just in time for the next celebration in your life!

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