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Corpinnat: The Heart of Penedès

Corpinnat: The Heart of Penedès

When it comes to Spanish sparkling wines, Catalonia knows how to add a little magic to your glass. Not only are they the home of the famed Cava, but this unique region is also home to the newly trending Corpinnat. What is Corpinnat might you ask...well let's dive in!

What is Corpinnat?

Corpinnat comes from the Penedès region in Catalonia, a place that's been perfecting the sparkling wine "Cava" for centuries. The name "Corpinnat" is a mash-up of "cor" (that means heart) and "peninat" (from the Penedès region). It was recently formed by a group of wine growers in the region who decided to step out of the Cava D.O. and create this new, more exclusive designation.

What sets Corpinnat apart from Cava is that they've got some serious rules! Winemakers in this elite club set high standards to earn the Corpinnat title. These rules include: using only indigenous grapes, organic farming, handpicking, hand riddling, hand disgorging, and crafting only estate sparkling wines. 

Corpinnat loves its history and tradition, but isn't stuck in the past. These winemakers mix old-school charm with new-school tricks to create sparkling wines that taste like pure Catalonia. When you sip Corpinnat, you're in for a treat. Expect flavors that are fresh, fruity, and a bit earthy.

Why Did the Leave the Cava D.O.? 

So, you might be wondering, why'd they leave Cava, a name synonymous with Spanish bubbly? Well, it wasn't a snap decision. These winemakers believed that Cava wasn't the sparkling superstar it once was. They thought the rules favored mass production over quality, and they were fed up. So, they rolled up their sleeves, put on their thinking caps, and came up with Corpinnat—a brand that's all about quality over quantity.

A Risky Move or a Stroke of Genius?

Now, the big question: was this a smart move or a misstep? Some folks say they're taking a big risk by leaving behind Cava's famous name. But others argue that Cava's reputation isn't all that glittery, and Corpinnat's focus on quality is a breath of fresh air. 

Will Corpinnat Pop or Fizzle?

So, what's the verdict? Personally, we think Corpinnat is a clever move, because challenging the quality in production standards of Spanish sparkling wine is a win for the consumers. Awareness about this new wave of quality sparkling wine is still bubbling under the surface. But here's the thing—it's up to us, the importers and wine educators, to spread the word. Once we do, who knows? Corpinnat might become the next big thing, respected by wine lovers alike.

In the world of sparkling wine, change is the only constant, and Corpinnat is here to prove that innovation is as sparkling as ever. So, grab a glass, toast to the future, and keep your eyes peeled for Corpinnat—it could be your next favorite sip of Spain! 🥂

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