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5 Tips to Better Enjoy Your Bubbly

5 Tips to Better Enjoy Your Bubbly

5 tips to enjoying champagne better

1. Stemware Matters. If you always reach for a flute to serve your bubbles from, you’re missing out. Some of the most complex wines in the world are Champagnes! A flute eliminates the deep aroma, texture, flavor and finish of well made bottles of sparkling wine. Bubbly is best enjoyed in a champagne tulip or a white wine glass which allow the wine to fully showcase itself. Read more on stemware HERE.

2. Champagne Pairs Great With EVERYTHING! Aside from being delicious on their own, Champagne and other sparkling wines work with any menu; appetizer through dessert. It is the signature quality of champagnes overt acidity that makes it a perfect wine for a wide range of foods. I typically pair sparkling rosés with grilled salmon, roast chicken and even red meat as well as fruity desserts. While Brut is generally great with asian foods, cheeses, fried food and all seafood. Also, with every Bubbles Club Shipment, we include a printout with info on the wine and specific food pairing suggestions in case you don't feel like doing the research yourself! ;-)

3. No Need to Age Champagne. Most sparkling wines are designed to be consumed upon release—from your club shipment to your fridge and then into your glass. Though Champagnes can certainly change, evolve and improve with time (especially vintage Champagnes), the Champagne houses have already done much of the work for you in case you don't want to wait. By law, a non-vintage Champagne has to be aged for a minimum of 15 months and vintage Champagne, three years. Most sparkling wine houses follow these same rules for their bubbles as well.

4. If You Must Store Champagne, Here’s Some Tips... Store bottles horizontally (to keep the corks moist) in a cool, humid place (60 degrees or cooler preferably). Also, it is important to keep your bottles away from sunlight. Sunlight is the biggest threat to damaging wine.

5. What If I Can't Finish a Bottle? I honestly don’t usually have this problem, but on the occasional weeknight when the husband is away, I can pop a bottle of bubbly and not worry about the other half going bad. Why? Here’s the secret… always use a bouchon champagne stopper. These spring-loaded stoppers have a rubber seal that helps maintain your bottle's freshness for up to 5 days in the refrigerator. These have been a life saver for me and so many of my club members who want to pop a bottle, but don’t want to finish the whole thing. Shop bouchon champagne stoppers HERE. 

5 tips to better enjoy bubbly



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