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Jaclyn's Homemade Sauce + Meatballs

Jaclyn's Homemade sauce and meatballs

If this doesn’t scream Sunday night dinner I don’t know what does!  A pot of homemade sauce simmering on the stove around 2pm is the making of a perfect Sunday for me! Reading sauce and meatball recipes always crack me up a bit…every person, every family, heck every restaurant thinks they have the best recipe out there.  It’s just one of those meals that lends itself to so many variations. Here is my take on it and this one would be absolutely delicious with our Hayfork Charbono. Enjoy! ~Jaclyn

Homemade Sauce + Meatballs

Shiloh's Beef Bourguignon

beef bourguignon

I am by no means a Beef Bourguignon expert like the legendary Julia Child, however, I have cooked through a handful of Beef Bourguignon recipes and put together a hybrid of my absolute favorites and simplified it down quite a bit to make it easy enough for a working mom like myself to squeeze into a busy day. This is my straight-forward, kid-friendly version (no mushrooms), however, I usually garnish the soup with some seared mushrooms when I serve it to adults. This will be delicious alongside the 2018 Swagger Cabernet Sauvignon - make sure to decant it at least a few hours before hand. Cheers, Shiloh

Shiloh's Beef Bourguignon

Jaclyn's Fall Inspired Cheese Board

cheese board

It’s that time of year again!  The holidays are here which means lots of indulging with the family. This cheese and charcuterie board can be the start to a holiday feast, can be a meal in itself and even please the kiddos. My favorite part of “assembly” appetizers like this…it’s the easiest clean up!  Who doesn’t love a one plate clean up. This spread will go beautifully with our Diebolt-Vallois Champagne we selected for the Sip + Celebrate Wine box. Salud! ~Jaclyn

Jaclyn's Fall Inspired Cheese Board

Shiloh's Mushroom Risotto

mushroom risotto

This recipe used to be a family secret since I could always break it out to impress even the pickiest diner. After being asked dozens of times to share it, I finally caved and thought I was being selfish and it was too good not to share. Risotto is one of our family's favorite as my husband is Italian and we really have scoured the world to find the best risotto out there. This is my spin on the San Diego Michelin starred restaurant Addison's recipe. I was lucky enough to learn from Chef Bradley and get all of his French trained tips and secrets on how to make the perfect risotto. Hope you enjoy this one with a bottle of Hayfork Charbono Red! ~ Shiloh

Shiloh's Mushroom Risotto

Shiloh's Pork Ragu


The secret to a good ragu sauce is freshly ground meat. My family invested in the meat grinder Kitchen Aid attachment a few years ago when we started making ragu sauce on a weekly basis. If you don't own a meat grinder, you can easily ask the butcher in your local grocery store to do it for you. Don't be shy! Select a pork shoulder from the meat counter and just ask them to run it through the grinder on a coarse setting. It only takes them a few minutes, it's no extra cost and you can grocery shop while they do it. I really promise it's worth it! The difference in the final product is night and day! Enjoy this with a decanted bottle of Swagger Cabernet Sauvignon and I'd love to know what you think! ~Shiloh

Shiloh's Pork Ragu


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