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What portion of my donations are going to the cause? 
100% of the donations are given directly to the cause.  

What is the money going to exactly? 
All of the money raised is being used to feed both the healthcare workers and their families.  Off Their Plate is an organization born out of this tragedy whose sole focus is to feed as many healthcare workers and their families as possible, in essence, taking that worry “off their plate.”  You can learn all about it at

Do you have an affiliation to 
None, other than fully supporting their mission.

Why sabering?  
In these tough times, I think we are all trying to do our best to help where we can.  Being in the Champagne business I am constantly asked ‘how to saber’ and have taught classes and given tutorials online.  Knowing that we are all home while our healthcare heroes are fighting for us on the frontlines, I thought I could both teach a fun trick to help raise our spirits while raising funds to give back to those helping us.

What bubbles should I use?  
You can use any traditional method bubbles - NO PROSECCO! It must be Champagne or a champagne style bubble (such as cava, cremant, etc) in order for the trick to work. You can find these at a local store or shop HERE.

Is it dangerous? 
It “can” be for sure!  There are a lot of common sense warnings, but if you follow the instructions on our "How To Saber" page, you eliminate much of the risk of hurting yourself and anyone around you.

Can I challenge more than one person? 
Yes! In fact, it is encouraged to challenge as many people as you know.  The more we share in this the more we can raise and the more we can help!

Can I do it even if I haven’t been challenged? 
Absolutely! Just video yourself sabering and start the challenge in your community!

What if I don’t own a saber? 
A saber is not required. You can use anything from a butcher's knife to a butter knife to a credit card.  The pressure in the bottle is so strong that anything with a blunt edge can pop the top.

What if I don’t saber or donate?
We still love you.  But it wouldn’t hurt to at least share the message by tagging the campaign in your social media.

How long is this going on for? 
For as long as we are battling this horrible virus!  Let’s not let this pandemic stop us from enjoying the moments we do have as we celebrate together while making an impact.

How do you saber? 
It is incredibly easy, even my 14 year old daughter has successfully done it.  Everything you need to know about sabering is found HERE.

Does it waste any of the bubbles? 
Not much, if any at all. Just be sure that the bubbles are very, very cold.  Place an already chilled bottle of bubbles in the freezer for 15 minutes before sabering to lower the pressure in the bottle and help save those delicious bubbles.

I have more questions, how can I get them answered? 
Please reach out to us directly in the email form below.

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