We Drink Bubbles Ranks #2 for "The Best Champagne Clubs"

We Drink Bubbles ranks #2 in "the best champagne clubs"

The Best Champagne Clubs

There are plenty of reasons to join a champagne or sparkling wine club. Champagne can make any special occasion more memorable. You pour a glass of bubbly to raise a toast to your loved ones. Giving someone a bottle of champagne is the best way to say “thank you” or “congratulations”.

If you never want to run out of high-quality champagne, consider becoming a member of a champagne of the month club. These clubs make champagne delivery as sophisticated as the drink itself. They give you the chance to sample champagne vintages from across the globe, and the bottles are brought right to your doorstep. You can also learn about the finest sparkling wines in the world.

But there are many clubs to choose from. To help you find the right option for you, we’ve selected the best champagne clubs you can join. 

2. We Drink Bubbles

Imagine hiring a personal assistant who happens to know the world of sparkling from top to bottom. Then, each month, that person scours the planet to find you the absolute best bubbles and sends them to your door. That's what joining the We Drink Bubbles sparkling wine subscription service is like.

With We Drink Bubbles, you can set up a custom sparkling wine program that fits your needs. You decide if you want a box of three bottles every month, every two months or quarterly. You can cancel at any time.

This is the best champagne club for the adventurous drinker. They will scout out and send sparkling wine from boutique producers all over the world.


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