We Are Legal

Yes, it’s true! We Drink Bubbles has officially commenced!

After a successful 30 day public notice posting and countless hours of online document filing, we are licensed and my sparkling wine company has started to take shape. All of this excitement happens to coincide with my birthday this week as well, so I think popping a few bottles of bubbly is in order!

The last few weeks have been much more exciting as the compulsory details have fallen into place and I’ve been able to share the idea and hopes for this sparkling wine club with friends and family. I’m sincerely feeling very loved and blessed by the support from everyone! Even more, earlier this week in an Uber ride, I was pleasantly surprised by the excitement and positive feedback I received from a complete stranger as I chatted with my driver about the kickoff of We Drink Bubbles. It’s one thing when your own mother gives you the thumbs up, but truly a far more validating gesture when an anonymous woman shows such overwhelming fervor for my new endeavor.

All this to say, I’m feeling more motivated than ever to get the ball rolling and get some fantastic champagnes and sparkling wines online for everyone to peruse. I’ve been geeking out in a serious way on the hundreds of boutique grower champagnes and artesian sparkling wines out there that are just waiting to be relished by myself and all my bubble-loving friends and family.

Cheers to new beginnings and birthday weeks!!!

PS - I wanted to give a quick shout out to Heidi at ABC who made getting licensed not only smooth and easy but actually fun.  You are amazing!  Thank you, thank you!

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