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Baracchi Winery: A Tuscan Paradise

Baracchi Winery: A Tuscan Paradise

baracchi winery
Where oh where do I even begin?!? Let's start out by saying, if you love food, culture, kind people and wine, Baracchi Winery is the place for you! While I was living in Italy with my family this past summer we discovered Baracchi Winery while looking for a magical spot that offered both lunch and a wine tasting. I had wanted to impress some dear friends of ours who had come to visit Tuscany (and us) and little did I know I would stumble upon such a gem! Here's a little snippet on the Baracchi family....
Owner Riccardo Baracchi has always aspired to excel in his intention to narrate the tale of his heritage in order to bring others closer to the Tuscan lifestyle. By devoting himself fully to this land, he has become an ambassador of all the noble values that comprise the Tuscan life philosophy. As it often happens to be the case in much of Italy, those values are being expressed at their best in the local cuisine and wines. His wife Silvia has dedicate herself to cuisine, opening a Michelin star restaurant on property, while Riccardo took the grand challenge to continue the century and a half old family work of producing the highest quality wines. Riccardo has passed his passion and love for the territory to his son Benedetto, who, along with one of the most famous Tuscan enologist, Stefano Chioccioli, is now in charge of the wine making process, maintenance, innovations and modernization of the vineyards and cellar. Being this determined and committed to making wine of this quality means investing a lot of care and devotion into each step of its production. They have made the deliberate choice to do all the operations in the vineyard manually which means each grape has been treated with the utmost attention and only the best are destined to transform into their wines.
baracchi winery
We were greeted on the property by Pier, a young Italian man who was an incredible tour guide on this discovery journey. He walked us around, explaining how the Baracchi family has woven integrity and commitment through their entire estate. And aside from the expansive vineyards, this elegant country resort is home to a Michelin Star restaurant, a luxurious spa, wine cellars and my favorite the sparkling wine caves. 
baracchi winery
After touring the winery and sparkling wine caves, we made our way to the atrium at the entrance to the restaurant where Pier brought out one of their sparkling rosés that hadn't been disgorged yet (disgorgement is the process of removing the sediment from sparkling wines and champagnes after they age). He asked who wanted to saber the bottle, which as you can imagine, I quickly jumped at the opportunity! He handed me the saber and with one quick whack, off went the cork and out came all the sediment. We filled our coupes with this fabulous wine, enjoyed some antipasti that a server had just brought out and then made our way into the restaurant. What a welcome!
baracchi winery tour
As we all imagined, the meal was on par with the incredible experience we had had thus far. We started out with an assortment of house made breads and their estate Trebbiano white wine. A few courses of pasta and meats (all locally sourced) paired with their Tuscan Cabernet Sauvignon followed by amazing desserts, and we all rolled out of their with bellies full of Italian delicacies, hearts full of joy and heads full of memories. Another unforgettable Italian experience for the books! No question the next time we're in Italy, I will be back to visit, and this time book a room for the week so we can explore everything this resort has to offer.
baracchi winery
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