Our First Garden Dinner

What makes an evening memorable? Is it the company, the food, the wine, the music, the ambiance? Well, when all these aspects simultaneously come together in the perfect balance, you get a unique and memorable night that goes beyond the typical dinner party experience.
champagne club
Our first garden dinner was a hit! I have to say, there was a touch of anxiety in all the coordinating and planning that went into this event, but I'm pleased to say that it was completely worth every minute spent dreaming it up and it was a huge success.
champagne club
My personal favorite touch was the live music and handsome oyster shucker. I think it's these fun and unexpected surprises that create the magic of the evening.
champagne club
I must also say that one of the biggest keys to making any event a huge success is firstly being surrounded by amazing people, and secondly providing an abundance of delicious wines and champagnes. Needless to say, there was definitely no shortage on these fronts.
champagne club

I absolutely love the idea of bringing people together around a table. That's where the real magic happens when humans get to connect with other humans and share life together. After all, it is these interactions that shape and mold us daily and challenge us into exploring new perspectives and ideas.

Thanks to all who came out to make this evening so memorable and spectacular! Cheers to more to come!

Tickets to the next garden dinner June 2nd are now available!

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