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We Drink Bubbles is thrilled to offer our first domestic sparkling wine. We were beyond impressed by this Blanc de Noir that comes from Lichen Estate in the Anderson Valley in California, and are excited to share it with you! The Lichen Estate looked to Old World expertise and farming techniques when designing their vineyards. They replicated the same style of vineyard spacing and planting as used for the very best Grand Cru vineyards in Burgundy and Champagne. This means there’s a whopping 30,000 vines in just over seven acres; four times more vines per acre than most vineyards in the region. The vineyard climbs up rising slopes overlooking Highway 128, facing Southeast to capture as much sun as possible. This sparkling Blanc de Noir is made from 100% organically grown Pinot Noir grapes from Lichen’s Estate Vineyard in Boonville, Anderson Valley. In honor of America’s birthday this month, we are celebrating with this delicious bottle of domestic bubbles. Cheers and enjoy!

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