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Drinking Champagne in Champagne


champagne france trip

So where do I even begin??? Our family’s time in France was more than I could have ever dreamed. Firstly, I know the French have had a reputation of being rude and unhelpful towards tourists (Americans), but I must say, we were constantly surprised at how accommodating and hospitable they were to us in both Paris and Champagne.  And to top it off, every restaurant and wine bar had amazing grower champagnes... by the glass ...HEAVEN!

Our time in France was Paris -> Champagne -> Paris. We spent 4 days touring Champagne sandwiched between 2 days in Paris on either end.  Our first time in Paris was everything we hoped it’d be and so so much more! Incredible food, delicious (inexpensive) wine, art, culture, charm, the whole nine! We started every morning with a cappuccino and pain au chocolat and before noon were having our first glass of champagne.  

champagne france tripOur restaurant highlights were Vantre, Allard, Bonhomie, Laudree, Cafe Central & Cafe Constant. On the more touristy side, our lunch in the Eiffel Tower at 58 Tour Eiffel was bright highlight for all of us! The food and views were great, but more importantly, the memory of eating inside the Eiffel Tower with my husband and kids is priceless! In a nutshell, we saw everything we wanted to, ate constantly, drank hourly and made memories upon memories!

champagne france tripHowever, the heart of the trip was Champagne!  After 2 days in Paris, we took the train to Reims where we got an adorable little Airbnb in the center of the city! This town is beyond picturesque!!! I don’t know why it isn’t talked about more. It would have been and incredible destination on its own, but it just so happens to also be where my favorite drink in the world is made: CHAMPAGNE! There is culture, art, food, wine bars and breweries on every corner, and because it’s such a small town, almost everything is walkable! In the 4 days we stayed in Reims, we visited Champagne Geoffroy, Gaston Chiquet, Lucien Collard, Pierre Péters, Marc Hébrart and Ruinart. Each Champagne house had their own unique styles, viticulture and processes and getting to experience most of the tours with the actual owners was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced (it pays to own a Champagne club I guess).  There is so much history of how Champagne - the town and beverage - came to be (and since I’ve always loved history having taught my kids world history when I homeschooled them), I was in absolute heaven.  Every single winery was a highlight! My favorites are all available here in case you want to taste a little piece of my travels for yourselfSHOP MY CHAMPAGNE FAVORITES. Use promo code: FRANCE2019 for 20% off all these amazing picks.

Please feel free to email me with any questions at all! I could go on for days, but don’t want to over-blab to you all! And if you want to stay up to date on our adventures for the next 6 weeks in Italy, follow us on Instagram: @WHILEIWASDRINKING

champagne france trip

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